Appalachia Mountain Boy

The great granddad moves his family from Virginia  through the Cumberland Gap to settle in Kentucky.

God leads the great granddad to the hills. Up in these hills at this one-hundred-fifty year-old homestead is where you will find the twelve-year old.

With a faith in God, the family lives the life of mountain farmers.


A STORY ABOUT A Vietnam Veteran working in Iraq for a construction contractor.

A story about God connecting the dots of life.

An account of a father walking that lonesome valley when his 22 year-old son, a US Marine on duty in Afghanistan is killed during a fire fight.

Escorting my son home on the Angel Flight



What happened to my America? A question asked by this veteran and patriots across this greatest land on God's green earth.

That question has been asked by the group of veterans who decided that the biggest threat to the country fought bleed, and died for.

Our first responders are over whelmed. They are ill trained for what they have to face. They are out gunned.

Something has to be done now, we don't have the luxury to wait on the governemt.

Vigilante, no--aid the police--yes.